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Concept development

Castles and palaces require a very specific
marketing know-how. It is no longer sufficient to simply offer such an object on the market and wait for a buyer to turn up - instead, we are actively engaged on the market searching for suitable buyers. This includes the development of a
suitable concept for the object and then a search
in this sector using active measures.

We know our potential buyers and, to begin with, request an agreement of confidentiality for the object, i.e. data/information about the object may not be passed on to third parties. Of course we
also check the credit-worthiness of the potential buyer.

Principally, we act as sole agent for the seller (for
his own protection) in order to, on the one hand, keep the market overview and, furthermore, avoid that the object is offered by different parties at differing prices.
As sole agent, we only accept objects in our portfolio that have not been on the market previously.
Our clients expect us to offer them objects exclusively.

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For reasons of discretion and confidentiality, no pictures of our objects are published on this website.
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